Passion de Nomad – inspired by Louis Vuitton | Ombre Nomad (50ml Eau de Parfum)


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2 Sprays Max and it can Last for Hours. A fragrance that finally makes a long-lasting impression.

If you are a lover of rare essence, this is the perfume for you.

Engage the olfactory senses around you without burning a hole through your bank.

The Passion de Nomade serves both men and women. We have made it for strong couples to make the bond stronger.

Wear it unapologetically, because, this shows the world that you own your better half.

Here is what you can expect with Passion de Nomade.

  • It is created by the amalgamation of oud wood, benzoin tears, incense, and a hint of raspberry.
  • Creates an exhilarating fragrance no matter where you go.
  • We kept it light and fresh that spread exquisitely.

Our customers often say it smells of strength and power.

And don’t worry about stains on your dress. We have crafted the Passion de Nomade with completely cruelty-free ingredients.

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Dimensions 70 × 70 × 130 cm