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Afgano – Inspired by Nasomatto | Black Afgano (50m Eau de Parfum)


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Dear Men and Women (Who want their men to smell the best),

If you want to stand out in a crowd, this is the perfume to go with.

Get ready for an extraordinary pleasure that isn’t for everyone. The Nasomatto Black Afgano Extrait de Parfum can create an almost euphoric effect. The unconventional notes of the fragrance evoke good-quality hashish and the accords of cannabis will intoxicate your senses. Its dark scent lasts for a long time and will spice up your day with a touch of excitement.

  • a dark, smoky and woody fragrance that blends in with the scent of your skin
  • eccentric, artistic and experimental
  • strong and long-lasting

This is a strong perfume indeed.

Very long-lasting (more than 12 hours).

When applied to clothes, it makes you feel like a hunk for days.

Afgano is perfect for

  • First Dates
  • Workplace
  • Night out
  • Parties

And yes, you can absolutely wear it regularly with ease.

Weight 0.252 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 130 cm